Friday, June 24, 2011

Chapter 9

Monday rolls around and I’m behind the bar for the very quiet lunch shift at work.

“Hey baby,” I look up to see James sit down at the bar top
“Hi!” I say meeting him half way for a kiss
“How’s work been?” he asks, flipping through the menu
“I was thinking you should stay with me tonight,” He says smiling
“Ok,” I say smiling back
“Ok, good. Hold on real quick,” he says answering his phone, so I go make drinks

“That, was Ray, he and Dan are at the arena and want to have a quick meeting with me,” He says, as I walk back over
“Oh?” I ask, kind of concerned
“I doubt it’s anything bad. What time are you off?”
“As soon as Rachel gets here,”
“Ok, because he wants to see me now” he says, thinking
“Ok, well head over there, I’ll be out of here in like 15 minutes, so why don’t you just come to my house when you’re done?”
“Sounds good, wish me luck!”
“Don’t worry me,”
“It’ll be fine, babe, I’ll see you in a while, ok?”

“Hey girl!” my friend Allie says as her and Melissa sit down
“Oh hey girls! How’s it going?” I ask
“Good, just finished class for the summer,” Allie says
“Good job! I need to go back to school already,”
“Girl, you won’t have a life if you do!” Melissa says
“Right? What do ya’ll want to drink?”
“I’ll have the twisted cherry limeade,”
“I’ll try the mason jar margarita,”
“Good choices,” I say, starting to make them
“So how are things with James?” Allie asks
“Great actually, he’s by far one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever been with, he was just in here too a few minutes ago,”
“Good! He seems like a nice guy, but quiet,”
“Yeah, he was quiet and really shy when we first met, but he’s like best friends with Max, so I think Max broke him out of his shell,”
“Haha, that sounds like something he would do,” Melissa says
“Yeah. So any single ones left?” Allie asks, laughing
“Um, Sid and Kris, Geno is too. Don’t even ask about Jordan because I couldn’t tell you on that one,”
“So Geno finally got rid of that gold digger?”
“Yeah, a couple months ago. She actually cheated on him with Ovie…can you believe that?”
“Aw, poor Geno! Ovie is so nasty too,”
“Well, I could make him feel better,” Melissa says matter-of-factly 
“Come out with us one night!”

“So we wanted to discuss a contract extension for you,” Ray tells me
“Ok,” I respond
“We like what you’ve been bringing to the game since you came out here,” Dan says
“And we’d like to add you to the core with the rest of the guys,” he adds
“That sounds great,” I say, being able to relax a bit
“Were you nervous about this?” Dan asks, halfway laughing
“I was skeptical about it, I think it was my girlfriend that was more worried,”
“Girlfriend? Nealer found a woman!” Dan says, making me blush a bit
“Yeah, and we figured we wouldn’t wait until free agency, so we’re taking care of it today,” Ray says
“I’m looking forward to staying here,” I say with a smile
“Well, let’s get into the details of your new contract before you sign,”
“First thing, is that there is a no movement clause in here, so unless you ask to be traded, your stuck here. It’s a 4 year, 6 million dollar deal, how does that sound?”
“Sounds amazing,”
“Ok, sign away then!” Ray says, handing me the pen to sign
“We’ll have the announcement up by the end of the day, ok? So you can reassure your girlfriend that you’ll be a Penguin for 4 more years,”
“I will, I’m sure she’ll be as happy as me,”
“Well we look forward to meeting her at the team dinner in September,”
“Ok, that’s all for today then,”
“Thank you so much,”
“Your very welcome! Go out and celebrate,”

I do as I’m told, and head straight to Jay’s house; on my way I call my parents to share the news with them and my brother. I also happen to mention Jay, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard my mom so happy, and says she can’t wait to meet her.

“Hi,” James says as I open the door
“Hi babe!” I say letting him in, “How did the meeting go?” I ask as we sit on the couch
“Great, actually. Ray offered me an extension,”
“I’m here for 4 more years!”
“Oh, baby that’s so exciting!”
“I had a feeling it was coming, but as FA came closer, I got a little more nervous,”
“Yeah, I could kind of tell, so your excited to stay here?”
“Absolutely. I love the city and the guys I play with, it’s closer to home. And that means I have all the time I want with you,” He says, kissing me
“Well I’m excited to have you here longer, I couldn’t imagine you leaving,”
“Let’s go celebrate?”
“Yes!” I say as his phone rings again,
“Sorry babe, hold on,” He says

“Hey man!” I say
“Hey Nealer! What’s going on?” the voice on the other line says
“Not much, just at my girlfriends house, I was telling her that I signed a 4 year contract extension,”
“That’s awesome, congratulations! Well I was calling with some news too,”
“Oh yeah? What’s that,”
“I’m in Pittsburgh! Wilson didn’t want to resign me, since they got Davidson in the draft, so Shero got a hold of my agent, and I’m going to sign a deal with the Penguins,”
“No shit? That’s great! How long are you here for?”
“A few days, David is coming in tomorrow to meet with Ray and Dan. I have to go back to San Jose next week to clean out my house,”
“Well great! Why don’t you come to dinner with my girlfriend and I?” I ask, getting a questioning look from Jay
“Oh, I don’t want to impose, I was going to order room service,”
“No way, come eat with us, where are you staying? We will come get you, then we can show you around,”
“I’m at the Omni Penn,”
“Ok, be ready at 6:15,”
“Ok, see you soon man,”

“Someone joining us for dinner?” I ask
“Yeah, I’m not sure if I can say anything yet, but he’s about to sign a deal with the Pens, we played in juniors together,” He tells me
“Anyone I know of?”
“You might, he played for San Jose,”
“That’ll be tough to guess, I like the Sharks,”
“Well, you’ll just have to wait and see wont you?” he says with a mischievous smile
“Boo! Ok fine,”

About an hour later, we get into James’ car and head to the Omni Penn to pick up this mysterious new teammate that I’m still trying to figure out.  He puts the car in park and calls him to say we’re outside and to look for a black Denali.

As soon as I see the guy who was one of my guesses what out the doors, I immediately know it’s him

“Are you kidding me, babe? He’s such an amazing player!”
“And he plays for the Pens now, which is even better,”

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