Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chapter 6

***Dont think I mentioned it...but this is the summer after the 2011 season. :)

A week had gone by since my house warming party. Work was going great; James and I became official when he asked me to be his girlfriend on the day that we were going to a Pirates game.  He came to my house that morning and brought breakfast, along with a fresh bouquet of flowers, it was the sweetest thing, and I was definitely happy to call him my boyfriend.

Miranda and I were getting ready at my apartment while we waited for the guys to come get us.  I decide on black shorts with a white Pirates shirt over my yellow tank top, while Miranda had black shorts with a black Pirates shirt.  We start a little pre-gaming when my phone rings

“Hi!” I say into the phone
“Hey, we’re walking in, are you at your house or Miranda’s?” James asks
“At mine,”
“Ok, see you in a minute,”
“Ok, good bye,”

“Hi!” I say after I open the door to James and Max
“Hey…Mrs. Neal!” Max says, joking
“Hey Mr. Talbot,” I respond sarcastically
“It’s about time you make it official, proud of my boy here,” He says, patting James on the back, then continuing, “Starting the drinking already?”
“Just a little,” Miranda says, giggling
“What is it?” James asks, picking up the glass
“Strawberry V8 & Hypnotic,” I say
“That sounds really gross!”
“No, it’s so good, try it!” I say, handing the drink to James
“Definitely a girly drink,” He says after taking a swig
“That’s why I like it,”
“Ok, well let’s get going, we can drink at the game,”

The 4 of us pile into James’ Denali and head to PNC Park.  Him and Max whip out Pirates hats to wear so they can try and blend in

“You know that’s not going to work right,” I say, watching them
“For me? Yeah it will,” James says
“No, for Max. Someone’s going to notice you,”
“Well, then I will enjoy it while it lasts,” Max says
“Yeah, then we’ll blow your cover,” Miranda says laughing
“You would!”
“Believe it!”
“Alright, here’s the deal, for every 2 minutes that goes by and nobody recognizes me, you owe me a drink. When someone recognized me, I owe you the same amount of drinks you woulda owed me,” Max says to her
“Deal. But I’m not buying you all the drinks from the park, they cost so much,”
“Fine. And if someone sees James, then me, it doesn’t count,”
“No one will, so you’re on your own buddy,”

We get to the stadium, and meet up with Marc Andre and Vero at one of the gates and head in.  Max informs Marc of the bet he has going with Miranda, him and Vero laugh about it.  Vero and I tried to devise a plan to end it early for Max, but he caught on.

Our seats were on the right, between home plate and 3rd base, best seats I’ve had at a Pirates game.  There was still time before the game started so we decided to walk around for food.  The bet was still going on, as of right now it was at the 13 minute mark of no one recognizing Max…until we were in line, 2 girls recognize him right away, he says hi and takes a picture with them, then looks at Miranda

“Well, lady, looks like I owe you some drinks,” He says, putting his arm around her
“Yes sir, you do!” She says proudly
“You guys are crazy,” James says as he grabs my hand
“They didn’t say anything to you!” Max says with a sad face
“Oh I don’t care really, I’d rather not get recognized,”
“So be it, your girlfriend might have attacked them,”
“No way! I’m not that mean,”

We got so much food through out the entire game, I’m pretty sure I gained 5 pounds from everything I ate.  The game went well, we were all joking around and enjoying it at the same time.  The Cubs beat us 5-4, but we kind of expected it, although the Pirates had been getting better.

It was back to work the next day for me, and this was the first time in a long time that I had gone to work hungover; at least I wasn’t behind the bar, so I wouldn’t have to smell all the alcohol.  The shift went by fast, thankfully. As soon as I was off, I called Miranda to meet at Primanti’s because I had been craving it; she said yeah, we ended up inviting the guys also. 

“I want to take you somewhere,” James tells me as were walking out
“Oh yeah?” I ask
“Yeah, so I’ll follow you to your house then we will go in my car,”
“Ok, do I need to change?”
“No…we’re actually just going to my house,”
“Yeah, I figured since you haven’t seen it yet, and I’ve been at your house so much,"

After we drop off my car, we head out to his house, he hadn’t told me where it was, but we were driving in the direction of Sewickley, so I was guessing it to be there, and sure enough, I was right.  He lived a few streets down from the Lemieux’s, a block away from Sid’s and a few houses away from the Fleury’s.  The entire area of Sewickley was so nice; I had always loved it when I would go down there. 

Just like James had said, it was a simple 2-bedroom house, it was set up very nice too, everything was black, white and maroon, which happened to be my favorite color combinations for a house.  There was a room he turned into an office that had his computer, as well as jerseys from his days in Whitby and Plymouth, he also had his Stars jersey, all the awards he’d received and some hockey pucks. It was the typical room of a hockey player I guess.

We decided to take a stroll on the streets of Sewickley, as we walk past the Lemieux’s, I tell him about the day when my dad told me to Google his address because he wanted to see his house, funny (and totally true) story. 

After spending a couple hours walking around, we pick up some food from the little grocery store for dinner and go back to his house to cook and watch movies. After dinner we continue laying on the couch and watching movies.

Things get pretty heated during the movie.  With James lying against the back of the couch, he roams his hand up and down my stomach, and starts kissing me before he slides his hand on the other side of my shirt.  With his other hand, he pulls my face closer to him and deepens the kiss. 

Before long, he’s lying on top of me as we’re pulling each other’s shirts off, not backing away.  He works his hands up and down my stomach, and kissing from my cheekbones all the way down my neck before going to my lips again, he breaks the kiss for a second as we look into each other’s eyes for a minute before he starts kissing me again, this time, he makes his way down my stomach and stopped right at the top of my jeans.

James broke this kiss again and stood up quickly, I was clueless as to what happened, so I stood up too, only to have him pick me up in his arms and carry me to his bedroom and lay me down on his king size bed. 

He has one hand on my cheek and uses his other hand to unbuckle my jeans and start peeling those off, so as I’m kicking mine off, I pull his jeans off him to see his growing erection.  He pulls at the bra strap resting on my shoulder before the next one and eventually throwing it to the floor and quickly paying attention to each breast equally.  The nibbling and licking was driving me crazy as I arched my back and ran my hands through his hair.  Working his was back up my neck and then to my mouth again, this time with need, and more passion.

By that time, our clothes were thrown all over the floor and we were under the covers, James gives me a questioning look, and without him saying anything, I know what he’s asking; all I do is shake my head before he kisses me again and starts working himself inside me.  I grab his face to pull him closer as I spread my legs further so I can get the full effect of him before wrapping my legs around his hips.  We move in motion together, I felt my nails digging into his back as he started going faster.  I could feel it coming as an orgasm was building slowly, one more thrust and he came inside me before collapsing on top of me; both of us completely out of breath.

We both fall asleep in no time, after I get comfortable with his arms around me; I fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat, and once again, slept like a baby. I woke up the next morning, as comfortable as I could be. I look up at James to see him looking down at me

“I could get used to this,” He says giving me a kiss
“To what?” I ask
“Waking up to my beautiful girlfriend in my arms,”
“Well, sounds like your girlfriend is pretty lucky,” I say sarcastically
“Let’s go get some breakfast,”
“I don’t have any other clothes,”
“Wear your jeans again, I’ll give you a clean shirt to wear,”

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