Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chapter 8

Being on a plane with my best friend and our boyfriends made it more fun to handle, the joking around and the drinks kept coming; finally, after 5 hours, we landed in Vegas.

“Oh my gosh, look at this room!” I say as we all explore our hotel room
“Pretty sure it’s like 5 times as big as our apartments put together!” Miranda says, laughing
“This is way nice,” James says
“Well, let’s scope out the rooms and see who wants where,”
“Ooh, I like this room!” I say, walking into the 2nd bedroom
“Yeah? It looks cozy,” James says
“Well, there ya go. Let’s relax for a while then go out?” Max asks,
“By relax, you mean at the pool with margaritas, right?”
“I like the way you think Jay!” Miranda says
“Ok, be ready in 10, we’ll head to the pool,”
“Thata boy!”

10 minutes later, we are all walking down to the pool, we spent nearly 2 hours laying out and drinking.  After showering and getting ready, we decided to start with dinner…and more drinks.   

Dinner was at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, and then it was a night on the strip, which consisted of club and bar hopping. After a few stops, we went to Pure, James and Max were standing near our table while Miranda and I went for another round of drinks.  The bartender surprised me when he mentioned my name, turned out it was my friend Alex who lived in Florida; we talked for a bit while he got our drinks.  I was surprised to see him out here, because I knew how much he loved Florida.

“Who’s Jay talking to?” I ask Max
“I don’t know, the bartender, she’s probably just getting drinks,” he tells me
“They look like they know each other,”
“Dude, I think it’s ok, you can chill,”
“Nealer, we’re in Vegas. If she starts macking on him, then we’ll have problems,”
“What about a phone number?”
“I don’t know, but I know I’ve never seen you like this, ask her before you blow it out of proportion,”
“Whatever, I’m going out for some air,”
“James!” He yells at me, but I’m already walking outside

“Hey Jay, you might want to go get James,” Max tells me as he approaches us
“What? Where did he go?” I ask, looking around
“Outside, I think he got mad when he saw you talking to the bartender, I told him to talk to you first, but he just walked out,”
“Yeah, who is this guy?” he says, trying to act all macho
“He’s my friend Alex, I know him from some friends in Florida,”
“And the phone number?”
“It’s his email address, for me and one of my friends to see his wedding website,”
“Oh shit, ok, well go find James, want me to come with you?”
“No, ya’ll stay here, I’ll be right back,”
“Call me if you need anything,”

Thankfully I don’t have to walk far, I see James down the street in front of the fountain at the Bellagio

“James,” I say walking up
“What was that all about?” He asks defensively
“Woah, can you let me explain?”
“That’s my friend Alex, I know him from some of my other friends in Florida, I hadn’t seen him in years and we were just catching up while he made our drinks,”
“Is that why he gave you his number?” he asks, still defensive
“It’s his email address, and he gave it to me to give to a friend, and so we could look at his wedding website,”
“Oh. Now I feel like an ass. I’m sorry,” He says, wrapping his arms around me
“Did you really get mad?” I ask, before giving him a kiss
“More along the lines of a little jealous,”
“I guess, but I’m over it now,”
“Ok, I just wish you woulda let me tell you before you walk out,”
“Yeah, sorry about that too,”
“It’s ok, I just got worried when Max said you left,”
“Yeah, what do you say we hang out here for a few minutes? The water show is about to start,”
“Ok,” I say, perfectly content in his strong embrace

After everything is worked out, we try to get back into the club, but can’t because of the line, so James calls Max to tell him, and they come out a minute later.  We then decide to go to The Bank, in the Bellagio.  We end the night at an all night restaurant called Fatburger, which was your typical burger place, and it was pretty good.  The guys ate most of the food, Miranda and I were pretty gone to try and eat.

Day 2 was in full affect, and we started it early with breakfast at the hotel before lying out at the pool again.  The environment of being down there was a ton of fun; everyone was nice and friendly, which kind of surprised me since it was packed.  Miranda and I were talking while the guys got a round of drinks when I see a few familiar faces walking towards us,

“Hey! What a surprise seeing you here!” she says, giving me a hug
“No kidding! Hey Stephanie!” I say, seeing her walk up
“Hey girl! How are you?” She asks
“Good! Who are you here with?”
“I came with Ben, Taylor, Derek and Kelly,” Stephanie says
“I’m here with Briar, my mom, grandma and Aunt, and we all met up,” Bailey says
“That’s cool! Where are they at?”
“Getting drinks, who are you here with?”
“Oh! This is my friend Miranda, her boyfriend Max, and my boyfriend James,” I say, introducing them
“How long are ya’ll here for? We definitely need to go out!” Bailey asks
“Absolutely! We’re here until Sunday, lets go out tonight?” I say
“Yeah, we’re here until Monday, so I’ll ask mom if she doesn’t mind putting B down,”
“Ok, awesome!”

After spending half the day at the pool, we have lunch then take a nap so we are ready for round 2.  Miranda and I spend time getting ready while the guys do god knows what. Bailey called me and we planned on meeting at the room she was staying at so I could say hi to her family, then we were meeting up with the rest of the group outside of the Bellagio, where they are staying. 

Dinner was at Lavo; it was a pretty nice place, so thankfully we matched the dress code. After dinner we had another night of clubs.  This time we started off the strip to the Palms, and Rio.  The VooDoo Lounge was at Rio and I’m pretty sure it was my favorite club; it was an outdoor club on the 51st floor.  Dancing, drinking and catching up with my best friends was the best part too,

“So how did you meet James?” Bailey asks as we walk to the bathroom
“Him and the guys came in for lunch one day, Miranda met them before so she introduced me to them,” I say
“They wanted to meet her, so I brought her over,” Miranda adds
“We went out with them to Diesel that night, and yeah,” I say smiling
“Aw, well I gotta give you props, he’s a handsome one!”
“Yeah girl, he’s way hot,” Stephanie says
“Thanks, he’s pretty amazing,”
“What does he do?” Steph asks
“He plays for the Penguins,”
“Oh yeah, duh,”
“You got your hockey player!” Bailey says laughing
“Right? And I hope to keep him,”
“Girl, you will, he’s head over heels for you!” Miranda adds as we walk out

The rest of the night flew by; we went for food again after the clubs before parting ways with everyone again.  Bailey and Steph promised to make a trip out to the Burgh soon.


  1. aw jealous is somehow still cute on him! love!

  2. So I just found this somewhere and it's absolutely amazing!
    I love your story line and the fact that you wrote about a player that is not normally written about.

    And don't stress over the number of followers. A lot of people won't "follow" a blog but will still continuously read the blog when there's updates.

    Keep up the great work :)

  3. And PS... I am now a follower of your story :)
    ~Anonymous #2 (I was having trouble posting the comment under my name so it's under Anonymous because I really felt the need to comment!)

  4. Thanks Lileannee! Yay new follower! thanks! I know, I recently fell in love with him since he became a Penguin. I have a Toews story too if you wanna check that out. Thanks ladies! :)