Friday, June 3, 2011

Chapter 4

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James and I had been talking since the night at Diesel.  We agreed to go to dinner on Thursday night, after I got off from working the lunch shift.  Miranda came over before she went to work to help me figure out what to wear.  It was 6:30 sharp when there was a knock on my door; I open it to see James standing there, with a bouquet of red and pink roses

“Hi!” I say
“Hey, wow, you look amazing!” he says, handing me the roses
“Thank you! Want to come in while I put these in water real quick?”
“Sure. I like your apartment,”
“Thanks, it’s nothing too big, but it works for me,”
“Yeah, same for me, I just have a 2 bedroom house for now. But Shero has been talking with me about another contract extension, so I may do an upgrade eventually,”

We head out to his car while continuing our conversation

“Oh that would be cool, you’d like to stay here?”
“Yeah, I like it a lot better then Dallas, and it’s closer to home,”
“I bet, I won’t lie, I’ve never been a big fan of Texas in general,”
“Well you live like right next to it, yeah?
“Yeah! You know where New Mexico is?”
“Yeah, I only know of it because of where it is, and we’ve driven through a few times for road trips,”
“Wow, I’m impressed, most people don’t think it’s a part of the states,”

We get to Capitol Grill, where James picked; it was a really nice restaurant.  After ordering wine and food, we keep talking. I ask him about growing up in Ontario and playing in the minors, he asked me about my childhood and growing up in New Mexico.  We had a lot to talk about and it turns out we had more in common then I thought; he loves country music (Luke Bryan and Kenny Chesney are his favorites), he’s traveled all over Europe, too. I was glad that there weren’t any awkward silence moments.

After dinner, we went for a drive up to Mt. Washington, James opened the back of his Denali and we just sat and watched the city lights, and talked some more

“I’m glad I got to take you out tonight,” he says, putting his arm around my waist
“Well, I’m glad you asked me,” I respond, moving a little closer
“This is going to sound corny, but I knew I wanted to ask you when we met you that day at lunch,”
“Yeah? I noticed you that day, I kept wondering why you were so quiet,”
“I’m just shy around new people. Then that night at Diesel, before we started talking, Max caught me looking at you while you girls were dancing. He said I’d better talk to you before someone else does,”
“That sounds like Talbot for you,”
“Yeah, so can I tell you something?”
“Of course,”
“I want to get to know you better, I think you’re an amazing girl and I like spending time with you,”
“Really? I’d like that. I’ve been liking the time we’ve hung out,”
“I think I’ve been more focused on hockey since I got traded out here. Everyone always said to live my life too. And when I saw you that day at Joe’s, I knew I wanted to talk to you,”
“Aww, I think I noticed you because I had never seen you off the ice. I remember asking Miranda if she knew anything about you, she just said I should talk to you,”
“Really? Well I’m glad I’m not the odd man out here,”
“Definitely not. I actually really noticed who you were when you got traded, I was sad that Goligoski got traded, but when I saw you play, I knew you’d be a good addition to the team,”
“Oh nice. So I’d definitely like to take you out more,”
“I would like that,”
“Yeah?” he says looking at me
“Yep,” I say before he closes the gap between us

I have to say that he really was a good kisser. It wasn’t a short one like when we got caught at Diesel, but it was long and slow.  He put his hand behind my neck to pull me closer and deepen the kiss after he broke it for a second.

A few minutes later, we end up leaving so we don’t risk getting caught. Especially after TK told a horror story after him and Kelsey got caught up here. 

“Well, here we are,” James says, pulling up next to my car
“Do you want to come up? We could watch a movie or something,”
“Yeah, that sounds good,” he says with a smile

So we get out and start walking to my apartment, when we run into Max on his way to Miranda’s apartment. He just gets that look of his on his face while laughing before he stops at her door while we walk down to mine.

“Do you want anything to drink?” I ask after I lock the door behind us
“Um, just water is fine,” he says
“Here ya go,” I say, handing him bottled water
“Sure, just make yourself at home, I’m gonna change real quick,”
“Ok,” He responds as he sits on the couch

I come back out of my room in yoga pants and a Pens t-shirt to see James looking at the pictures I have on my wall.

“Looks like you had a lot of fun back home,”
“Yeah, we’ve definitely had our nights, these are my 2 best friends, and this is the group of us that usually go out together,”
“What did you guys do? Like what’s there to do out there,”
“Not much, actually. We stuck with the country bars a lot. It’s a little but big city, and it was always the same people and same drama, so it got old after a while,”
“Yeah, I know how that is. I noticed you have a lot of movies too,”
“Yeah, wanna pick one out?”
“Already did,” as he smiles, with GREASE in his hand
“Good choice,”

The next movie we watched was “What Happens in Vegas”, then “The Dilemma” and by that time, it was a lot later then I expected. Probably because we only attempted to watch the movies.  It was the beginning of an awkward moment of saying bye, but not quiet.

“Wanna stay here? You look about as tired as I do,”
“You don’t mind?”
“Not at all,”
“I think it would be the perfect ending to an amazing night,”
“Ok, then I wouldn’t like anything more then to wake up with you in the morning,”

James goes to the bathroom while I turn off the lights in the house.  I walk into my room and shut the door right as he walks out of the bathroom.

In his boxers.

I think I had a hot flash just now. Wow, what a banging body that man has.

After I change and stuff, we crawl into bed and get comfortable.

“Did I tell you yet how beautiful you are?” He asks, kissing my forehead
“I think you did a few times,” I say, smiling
“Well, I’ll tell you again that you really are,”
“Thank you,” I say before kissing him
“We should probably get some sleep, yeah?”
“Yeah, that might be a good idea,”

I slept like a baby last night, maybe because I was so comfortable sleeping his arms.  We woke up around 10am.  I decided to make some breakfast before he had to make a stop at home before going to the arena, and I had to go by my aunt and uncles house before work. 

About an hour later, James headed out, so we said our goodbyes and a few more kisses before he left.  Not a minute after I closed the door, I heard some guys laughing, so I open it to see that him and Max ran into each other, both with ‘what the hell’ looks on their faces. Oh those boys.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one to have a one of the guys stay the night.  I’d have to get the dirt from Miranda at work tonight.

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  1. aww i actually really love this chapter! it was so cute and sweet! great job, you're really getting good at this!