Monday, November 19, 2012

Chapter 24

The dancing started after dinner was done, Ashley & Mike made their speeches before James & I thank everyone for making it. At some point James saw the grooms cake I had made for him, in the shape of a Stanley Cup, which he thought was the best thing ever, the rest of the hockey players loved it too.

After we danced our first dance, to "Me and You" by Kenny Chesney, some other songs played before James grabbed the microphone from the DJ booth.

"Can I please have my beautiful wife join me on the dance floor?" He announces, as I make my way towards him.

I face him when he tells me to not look anywhere but at him, and he's telling me this as he's looking to the door, like signaling for someone to walk in.

James takes my hand as I recognize the song starting when singer comes out onto the dance floor. James had somehow pulled some strings and got Brantley Gilbert to come and sing "My Kind of Crazy" at our wedding. Holy cow!! He is one of my favorite country singers and how James got him out here, well that just won him major points in my book! He even signed his guitar and gave it to us to keep!

The rest of the night was amazing. We cut into the cake and had more champagne as the night went on and the dancing continued. James and I called it a night around 12:30, which was about the time everyone else started leaving.

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel with our families and the wedding party, and then went to my parents house to get more sleep and pack for our honeymoon, that we were leaving for the next day, which I STILL don't know where we're going.

Morning came and my parents took us to the airport for our flight out to the BAHAMAS!! Ah I'm beyond excited because I've seen so many pictures before and I've always wanted to go out there. And now I am! With my husband! :D

I think it should be a requirement to take a 6 day vacation to the Bahamas every year! That was probably one of the best vacations I have ever been on.  I did get sick a few times when we went out on a boat, which is never fun but I battled through it. Unfortunately, it was time to go back to New Mexico to make the drive back home.

It had been a month and I had officially changed my name on everything.  It felt good to see everything say Jamie Neal. I loved it. I was back in the office by the next Monday, planning the red carpet event for the upcoming home opener...yeah, already. But it was a new season & oh yeah, we have a Stanley Cup banner to raise! :)

James started heading home to get ready for Jordan & Heather's engagement dinner. After leaving the office, I was thinking about stopping for groceries when I heard a whole bunch of noises around me and everything went black.  

"Where's Jay?" Jordan asks as him, Heather & I stand in the kitchen
"I don't know, I thought she would have been home by now, she's never late for anything," I say

Then my phone rings, I'm hoping it’s Jay but its some random number, which I almost don't answer, but something is telling me I need to

"Hello?" I say
"Mr. Neal? Are you related to Jamie Neal?" The man on the line asks
"Yes, she's my wife, what happened? Where is she?" I say, now panicking
"She's been in a car accident, Mr. Neal. You need to come to UPMC right away,"
"Is she going to be ok?"
"She's beat up pretty bad, but yes sir, she'll be fine,"
"I'll be right there," I say and hang up

I was unbelievably thankful that Staalzy & Heather were there, because I was in no state to drive. I barely give Jordan time to park before I run into the hospital & the receptionist is sending me to the 3rd floor as a million things are running through my head.

The nurse leads me to the room where Jay is; I walk in to see her laying in the bed, motionless. My beautiful wife, bruised up and bleeding. I can't help but break down and cry.

I'm in the hallway when the doctor comes to tell me she has bruised ribs, bruises from the seatbelt & airbags, a cut on her arm and a bruised cheekbone. But she will make a full recovery and be ok, thank god because that was the most important thing.

I had to talk to the police officer; he told me that she was extremely lucky with not getting any worse injuries.  The driver who hit her was drunk and pinned her in the car between his car and the guardrail. He suffered minor injuries & totaled both cars but is in jail, and will be for a long time with his history.

"Mr. Neal? Your wife is awake, she's asking for you," a nurse says from Jay's door

"Baby, oh my god," I say, trying to hug her without hurting her
"I was so scared James, I had no idea what happened," she tells me, crying into my embrace
"You're ok, and that's what's important. The accident was pretty bad, I was so scared for you too, I can't lose you," I tell her
"I love you so much baby, I'm glad your here, I don't like it here,"
"I love you too, the doctor is doing her best, and I'm going to take you home as soon as I can," I say, kissing her forehead, reassuring her
"We're supposed to be going to dinner!" she says
"I think Jordan & Heather will understand, they were who brought me here, they're in the waiting room,"

A few hours later, the doctor gives us the OK for Jay to be discharged, she hands me some paperwork to help with her injuries, and prescriptions to pick up.

We got Jay to Jordan's car & head home.  I was so thankful to have her home where I could be with her.  

People always say those are the phone calls where your heart sinks, the calls you never want to get. That is definitely a call I never want to get again, but I'm thanking god that her injuries weren't any worse.

I tell Staalzy to go enjoy their dinner but him and Heather both want to make sure she's ok, Heather offers to go for her prescriptions, which I am also thankful for. They are both so unbelievable to stick around and help me.

"How is she?" Heather asks as I walk into the kitchen
"Better, she's asleep. She had things running through her mind that she told me, and started crying again," I say
"Poor girl. I'm glad she's ok though," Staalzy says
"Me too, I don't know what I'd do without her,"
"Take care of her, that's what you do best," she says
"Thank you guys so much for everything, really."
"Absolutely. Go take care of you're wife, don't hesitate to call if you need anything,"
"Will do,"

The last few days had been such a blur. I don't remember much from the accident, just the EMTs asking for my name & someone to call. Oh & the pain too.  I've been doing nothing but lying in bed sleeping.

James called my parents for me to let them know what happened, and his parents also, all of who asked if he needed help, which he kindly declined.  Plenty of the wags came by with food and stuff; Vero spent a lot of time with me too, since they live close. I had to get some stitches removed, and I could finally lay in a nice hot bath, which I've been dying to do for so long.

Tonight is the home opener and even though I couldn't do anymore planning with the wags, I was dying to go to see the Stanley cup banner being raised & of course to support my husband, because he's been nothing but a life saver since the accident.

We got to the arena the same time James always does. I'll admit I was pretty scared to be in a car again, I was jumpy on our way to the arena and cringed a couple times when cars pulled out next to us. James held my hand the whole time because he could sense my nerves.

Miranda was there already, and so was Allie & Melissa. The girls asked about the accident, I only told what I could remember, and that James told me that my car was totaled. I loved my car so much, I was dreading getting a new one.

I was already still an emotional wreck, so the banner raising ceremony was a little emotional already. The game against the Avs started out pretty slow, but we won 4-2. Good start to the season I must say so myself :)