Friday, September 9, 2011

Chapter 14

***So I hate to be a mean person but if I dont get any feedback or anything from this story I dont think I'm going to continue it. I know yall read it it just gets discouraging when I dont get comments and that helps me to write more and hear what yall think of it. so please if yall want more of it leave me some comments! 
Enjoy :)

“Yeah, um hold on, ok?” He says before walking over to his jacket on the chair

“Jamie, since we’ve met, I have had nothing but good times with you and every minute we spend together, I’m wishing and hoping for more,” He says, now standing in front of me
“There’s no one else that gets me like you do, and I still remember that night at Diesel when Max told me to talk to you before someone else did, and I’m sure as hell glad that I did.  You’re…my entire world and I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” & with that, he gets down on one knee
“Make me the happiest man in the world. Will you marry me?”
“Oh my gosh!” I say as he opens the ring box
“Yes, absolutely!” he puts the GORGEOUS ring on my finger and stands up
“Baby, that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me,”
“And I meant every word of it. I love you so much,”
“I love you too!” I respond, kissing him, “So that’s why you seemed nervous?”
“Yeah. I was going to wait and ask you at midnight, but I think I would’ve been a wreck if I waited that long,”
“Well, I’m glad you asked me now, just the 2 of us makes it more special,”
“Exactly. Should we call family now or later?”
“Um, lets call them tomorrow? Or we could call our parents at least,”
“Yeah, lets do that real quick before we leave,”

So we call his family to share the news, then my parents, knowing they aren’t doing anything with it being 2 hours earlier.  They were beyond excited to hear our news and couldn’t wait to hear wedding details. I was shocked that my parents weren’t skeptical being that James and I have only been together for 7 months.  After we talked to them, it was almost 8:30 so we decided to walk down to the Lemieux’s house.

“Well hello James! Hi Jay!” Mario says, letting us in
“Hi, how are you?”
“Great! I see you couldn’t wait until midnight, to ask your lovely lady here,”
“Yeah, I got nervous at the house and she caught on,”
“You knew?” I asked him
“Of course I did! Just since yesterday though,”

“Hey! There they are!” Max says towards in a group with the rest of the guys and their women. So I decide to casually brush my hair out of my face with my left hand

“Oh. My. God!” Vero yells
“You’re engaged!!” Kelsey yells too
“Yes, we are,” I say happily
“Congratulations!” they all say
“Thanks guys!” James says
“Anything planned yet?” Allie asks as her and Beau walk up
“Not yet, we will be though within the coming days,” I say
“Right now we are just going to enjoy being engaged,”
“I’m going to get a drink,” I say excusing myself to the kitchen
“Hey Sid,” as I see him with his girlfriend (Yeah. True story.)
“Hey Jay! You girls remember each other, yeah? This is James’ girlfriend,” he says to Janelle
“FiancĂ©e, actually. Its good to see you!” as I give her a hug
“Likewise! Congratulations!” she says
“From me too, you 2 are perfect for each other, and you are in good hands,” he tells me
“Thanks Sid, I really appreciate it,”
“Absolutely, you sure picked a good one, Nealer,” Sid says to James who walks up behind me
“Oh, thank you,”
“Have ya’ll seen Heather or Jordan yet?” I ask
“I think they are on their way, I talked to him earlier,” Sid says
“I haven’t met her yet,” Janelle says, skeptical
“She’s really sweet, I wondered about her before I met her because of what I had heard, but once you get to know her she’s really nice,”
“Ok, because yeah I have heard some things about her, so,”
“Just ignore it, and if she knows your not after Jordan, which obviously your not, she shouldn’t have a problem with you,”

The Lemieux’s had tons of food out and games and such planned. It was amazing to see all this that they did, but like Natalie said, they want the boys to be safe.

“So I hear we have another NHL wedding in the works,” Nat says as she joins us in the kitchen
“You heard right!” James tells her as she examines my ring
“That’s so exciting! And it’s a beautiful ring!” she gushes
“Thank you!” I respond
“I was going to ask you, Mario, if you think we should make an announcement?” James asks him
“That is completely up to you. Although I would recommend that you do one, run it by Pat and see what he says,”
“Ok, I figured that much,”
“But it’s not like you would need to make a big one, as soon as you tell Pat, he will help you decide,”
“Ok, that works too, I was thinking something small like in the Post-Gazette,”
“And that would be perfectly fine, you don’t have to broadcast it across the skyline,”
“Ok, sounds good. We’d rather be more private about it ya know,”
“Yeah, I understand the whole ‘keeping your private life private,”
“Jay!” I hear from across the house
“Jordan!” I say turning around to greet him and Heather
“So I hear you’re stuck with us for a few more years?” he asks
“Yes sir!”
“Jay, it’s beautiful! Congratulations!” Heather adds
“Thanks!” James and I say
“Are ya’ll coming over tomorrow to watch the winter classic?” I ask
“Yeah, we wouldn’t miss it!” Heather says
“It’s at noon right? Geez the Devils & the Canucks, that’s a tough one, eh?”
“Not even!” I protest
“Who are you gonna cheer for?” Jordan asks
“The Canucks, duh,” I tell him
“Yeah, I’m with Jay on that one,”
“Why not the Devils?”
“They are in our division, pretty sure I don’t cheer for any other teams in our division, much less the same conference,”
“So that’s why you cheered for the Canucks in the finals last year?” He asks again
“Yes. I don’t like Boston at all and I wanted to see the Canucks have their fairy tale ending,”
“Yeah, she’s a keeper here, Nealer,” Jordan says laughing
“Thanks,” James says

“Can I speak for a minute?” Mario says, getting our attention
“I just want to say that I’m happy to have all of you guys back this season, it’s been an amazing one and it’s only going to get better.  We’re as healthy and threatening as ever and we are going to go all the way until the end,” he says, getting some clapping
“I’d also like to say, on behalf of Natalie and I, congratulations to James & Jay on their engagement! And here’s to another year!” he says raising his glass as we follow

The New Year was rung in how it was supposed to be.  James and I were with our closest friends, our other family, and most importantly, each other.  I wouldn’t have wanted to give my new years kiss to anyone else but him.

It was New Years day and James and I were having everyone over to watch the winter classic. I sent out a mass text to all my friends back home informing them of the engagement, adding in one to my high school best friend that I would be needing her maid of honor services.  Everyone was excited for me, even though no one really knew who James was, but they would know soon enough!

Jordan and Heather were the first to arrive, with some pizza and snacks in hand.

“Hey guys!” I say, letting them in the house
“Hi! Long time no see!” Heather says
“Right? What’s it been like 8 hours?” I add, leading them to the kitchen
“This is a cute house!” she adds
“I know; I love it!”
“So who else is coming?” Heather asks
“Pretty much everyone that was at Mario’s last night,”
“Ok cool,”
“So have you guys started any planning yet?” Jordan asks as he and James walk into the kitchen
“No not yet,” James says
“We haven’t even been engaged for 24 hours, cut us some slack.”
“Ok, ok,”
“But we’ll start in a few days,”
“Yeah, I need to call Pat and tell him,”

After a few more minutes, more people start showing up and eventually, nearly the entire team is here, with their wives/girlfriends/kids.  Allie showed up with Beau and they came with Mel and Logan, it was good seeing them since it seems like I haven’t seen much of them lately.  It was a good game, no one was cheering for Boston, thank goodness! I’d kick them out if they were. The Canucks won 4-3, so I was happy about that.  Everyone stayed for a while after the game ended.