Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chapter 7

We leave his house and walk down to the main street hand in hand to one of the restaurants.  The days were starting to get hotter, but it was still really nice out.  We were talking about something when my mom called me, I thought about ignoring it but I hadn’t talked to her in a while, so I answered it.  She informs me that my sister and her family are moving to Carlisle, because my brother-in-law is in the Army and will be working out there; and also that they were coming out here for 4th of July, and that they want to meet the boyfriend. Oh great.

After spending another day with James, I had a relaxing day at home before going back to work the next day.  It was my lunch shift behind the bar, it was a quiet start to the day, Miranda was in the bar area with me, Rob and Rachel there also, which always made for a fun day.

“Is it weird?” Kelly, a new server asks
“Is what weird?” I ask her while making drinks
“That you and your boyfriend have close names,” she says as Rachel walks up
“No, why would it be weird?”
“I don’t know, I mean your name is his name in Spanish,”
“It never really bothered me.  Besides, him and the guys call me Jay anyways, no one really calls me by my full name,” I say, annoyed now
“Oh, I just think it would be weird,”
“Well, he’s not your boyfriend, so you shouldn’t worry,”
“Thanks for my drinks,” she says, walking away

“Did she seriously ask you that?” Rachel asks
“I guess, I don’t see why she would care,” I say
“What happened?” Miranda asked
“Kelly just asked me if it was weird because my name is my boyfriends name in Spanish,”
“Really? She’s kind of nosey,” Miranda says
“Yeah. I don’t think she knows who my boyfriend is, other then his name, so let’s keep it that way,”
“Same here for Max,”
“Speaking of James, he just text me, him and Max are coming in,”
“Yeah, I just got the same text from Max,”
“Ok cool,”

“You ready to do this?” Max asks me
“What if she says no?” I question him
“Dude, it’s VEGAS! She won’t say no,”
“Ok, man,”
“Especially since we already talked to her boss and got it approved, she’ll go,”
“I hope your right,”
“I am! Just don’t go crazy and drag her to a drive thru chapel,”
“I’d be more worried that you would do that first,”
“Whatever! Grab the tickets, lets go tell the ladies!”
“Let’s do it,”

“Hey pretty lady,” I hear Max say, then continues, “Can I take you home tonight?”
“Oh hey! Um you’d have to check with my boyfriend…don’t think he would appreciate that,” I say nodding to James, “and neither would your girlfriend,”
“Boyfriend, eh? That lucky bastard,” Max says laughing
“Yeah, I am, aren’t I?” James says, leaning over the bar to give me a kiss
“Um, can I get some service here?” Max says sitting at the bar top
“Chill! Can’t a girl say hi to her boyfriend?” I say handing them menus
“Not unless I get to say hi to mine,”
“Um, I didn’t know that the superstar swung that way,” I say, laughing
“What? You know what I mean,” Max says catching himself
“Uh huh,”
“Oh shut up, where is she?”
“Walking over. Drinks?”
“Landshark and Blue Moon,” James says, as Max says hi to Miranda

After a few minutes of talking with our guys, getting their food order, and Miranda taking care of some tables, Max pulls Miranda up to the bar

“So, ladies. We have a little surprise for you guys…” Max says
“A surprise, eh?” I say
“Yeah, I don’t know about that,” Miranda says
“Oh no, you’ll love it,” James tells me
“The surprise in these 2 envelopes. And before you say anything, it’s all taken care of,” Max says, handing us each an envelope to open
“Oh my gosh!” Miranda says
“Vegas?! Seriously?” I say
“Yes! We were planning on going anyways, and we figured, why not invite our lovely girlfriends!” Max says
“But the plane tickets say Thursday! That’s 3 days away,”
“You think Joey will give us days off?”
“Babe, we got it taken care of!” James tells me
“Yeah, we talked to Joey last week before we got them,”
“Aww, really?”
“I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s all taken care of,”
“How long are we going?”
“Just 4 days, we’re flying back on Sunday afternoon,”
“We’re going to Vegas?”
“We’re going to Vegas!”
“Just don’t do anything to get arrested, please?” Joey asks, walking up
“We won’t,” Miranda says
“Thanks for letting us have the days off,” I tell him
“Oh of course! You girls work so hard, and the boys came at just the right time to ask about the days,” He says

Yesterday was our last shift at Joe’s for a few days.  I think I had packed and unpacked a dozen times before I finally gave up, pretty sure I packed enough for 2 weeks.  We all met at James’s house on Thursday morning and got a cab from there to the airport. 

“Vegas baby! You girls excited?” Max says as we get in the van
“Hell yeah!” Miranda says
“It’s been so long since I’ve been out there,” I add
“Other then it being so hot, it’s gonna be so much fun!” James says
“Where are we staying?”
“The Hard Rock, we got a suite, it’s supposed to be huge!”

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