Monday, June 6, 2011

Chapter 5

***Im apologizing now to any Habs fans....there is a little bit about them in here, and I personally dont like them. So if your a fan of them....sorry!

I walk into Joe’s and head straight to the bar. I always look forward to going to work when I’m behind he bar and since it was a Friday night, there was always 2 bartenders…tonight it happened to be me and Rachel, who was my other partner in crime.

“Hey girl,” Miranda says as she walks up to the bar
“Hey! I was wondering when you’d be here,” I say pouring some drinks
“So how was last night?”
“Oh my gosh, it was amazing! He’s so sweet,”
“That’s good! He seems like it,”
“And you? We ran into Max in the hallway,”
“Yeah…about that…”
“You slept with him, didn’t you?” I whisper
“No! He was like I really like you, and I don’t want to see you as just a girl to sleep with,”
“You mean to tell me that Max Talbot spent the night with you, and ya’ll didn’t sleep together??”
“That’s right!”
“Wow! Um, well I’m impressed!”
“So you didn’t sleep with James?”
“Nope. We just watched movies, but he stayed over too. He wants to take me out more,”
“Yay! Ok, I got sat, I’ll be back,”

So I end up talking to some girls sitting at the bar top, I get their order and drinks. It’s still early so it’s pretty slow, which gives Rachel and me time to catch up. I tell her about my date, but quietly, because I didn’t want people around knowing everything.

The shift at work went by fast, I was in first so I didn’t have to close and I was off by 11pm.  I checked my phone to see that I had a text message from James…!!

“I wanted to tell you again that I had a great time with you last night and I can’t wait for our next date. Can’t wait for your party tomorrow! Let me know if you need help with anything. J” –James

Aww, how sweet is he? Miranda comes up to me as I respond to him and say that I’m excited for more dates and that I can’t wait to see him tomorrow. We get a late dinner before we make it an early night, knowing that tomorrow will be a long day.

“So, when are you guys heading to the party tonight?” Jordan asks, while they have breakfast at Sid’s
“It starts at 6, so probably a little after that,” Kris says
“Yeah, I was going to go to Miranda’s before, but she said she’ll be at Jay’s helping her,” Max says
“When are you going, James?” Sid asks
“Around 6,” I say
“Dude, you’re so struck by her!” Max says
“I know; she’s amazing! I really like her,”
“Well, she’s cute! Just make sure she’s not a puck slut,” Jordan says
“She’s not, she said she was raised better then to be like that, and she’s not after my money either,”
“That’s always good!” Sid says
“Do you think she’ll care that Kelsey is coming?” TK asks
“No, she said it was ok,”
“Ok, good. Well boys, we’ll be seein’ ya tonight,” he says getting up to leave

“Hello!” Miranda says, opening the door
“Hi! Ready to go shopping?” I ask, standing in the hallway
“Yep, let’s get going! And let’s make a Starbucks stop on the way,”

After our coffee run, we head to Giant Eagle for food and such.  I decided to make spaghetti, since it was easy and was a favorite. So we got a ton of pasta, sauce, salad and French bread.  I also got some beer and margarita mix.  I think I had enough food to feed a small army, which would probably be equivalent to the people coming over, especially considering half of them were hockey players.

We get back home, Miranda decides to go shower while I work on cleaning up the house.  Once she gets back, she starts on the food while I shower and get ready.  I decided on a black and white flower halter-top dress that I wore for graduation, and opted to leave my curled hair down.

By the time I was ready and food had started cooking, it was 6:00 on the dot and not a minute later, there was a knock on the door. I open it to see Max and James on the other side,

“I shoulda known ya’ll would come together,” I say letting them in
“We just happened to get here at the same time,” Max said, kissing my cheek and handing me a bottle of wine
“Thought you might like this, maybe you two can share it,” He adds with a smile and walks to find Miranda
“Hi,” I say to James
“Hey, you look really good,” he says hugging me
“Thanks, you clean up pretty nice too,” I say smoothing his shirt before he lifts my chin to give me a kiss

“Oh come on you two, the night’s still young,” Max yells from the kitchen

The next to arrive was TK and Kelsey, who was so sweet, her and TK were perfect together.  By 6:30, everyone had arrived.  I had to borrow a table from my aunt and uncle so we had a little more room to sit and eat.  Bottles of wine and vodka filled my liquor cabinet, Jordan had bought me a bottle of Patron.

“Surprise!” he says, handing it to me
“Oh, Jordan, how did you know?” I ask, taking the bottle
“Know what?”
“That Patron is my favorite!”
“I think I remember you mentioning it the other night,”
“Well good memory, you just keep racking some points in my book,”
“Just don’t go crazy with it tonight!” Rachel says, joking
“All we need is to hear ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ and it’s all over,” Miranda says

Dinner went well, everyone enjoyed the food.  Vero brought a chocolate cake for desert, which I was thankful for because I totally spaced that.  We sat and talked for a while, my other co-workers met all the guys and everyone was getting along good, so we spent the majority of the night talking and drinking.

People started heading out around midnight, most of the guys sobered up, while TK and Marc Andre drove their ladies home, because us girls drank a little more then the guys did.

Miranda and Max spent some more time at my apartment with James and I, talking and drinking.  Max mentioned that he wanted to take a trip to Montreal, and invited the 3 of us,

“Can I rock my Crosby jersey out there, and walk past the Habs arena,” I say sarcastically
“If you have a death wish,” Max says
“Yeah, they hate Sid,” James says
“I don’t understand how they could, he’s Canada’s golden boy,”
“They are probably jealous,”
“You think they would be a little nicer, but no!” James adds
“Right? I have my teams that I really don’t like, and they are definitely one of them,”
“Well, I hope you can at least tolerate them,”
“If I had to, I could. But if one of their fans is mean to me, you can guarantee that I won’t be nice back,”
“You’re a feisty one, eh?”
“To be safe, you might want to wear a different jersey,”
“Psh, I dare them to mess with me,”
“If you say so, but I don’t like them either, so knock yourself out,”

Not too much later, Miranda and Max decide to head out, well at least down the hall. I was willing to bet that Max would be staying the night again.  I cleaned up a little bit of the kitchen before I decided to finish it in the morning. 

“Stay with me?” I say to James with puppy dog eyes
“I’d love to,” he responds, giving me a kiss


  1. cute! lol and the Habs are on my hate list too! loved it!