Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chapter 10

***Im sorry I havent updated in FOREVER. I know I suck at life. I thought I'd at least post a short chapter until I get another one written.
BTW words cant describe how sad I am that Max Talbot is a filthy Flyer...ugh :( but I love him too much, and Im not going to cut him out of the story, because he's a pretty permanent character here...and he's James' best friend(& wingman).
Ill have a full chapter up soon...hope this will hold you over til then! 

“What’s up LC?” James says as we get out of the car
“You know I hate that nickname. Not much though, you?”
“Not much either, this is my girlfriend, Jay. Jay, this is Logan Couture,”
“Hi, it’s nice to meet you!” He says, shaking my hand
“Nice to meet you too! I have to say, your one of my favorite Sharks players,”
“Oh thanks! Well now I’m on your boyfriends team,”
“That’s awesome!”
“So where are we going?” Logan asks as we get in the car
“Well you got choices, there’s Joes, Cheesecake Factory, Hard Rock,”

So we ended up at Cheesecake Factory for dinner, we were showing him the area and East Carson Street as we were driving down there.  He had asked about a few places to look for living, so I mentioned some of the apartment complexes on East Carson Street, and around the area.  After dinner we showed him around town more, he was already getting confused with the streets, so we told him he’d have to invest in a GPS.

It was free agency day, Logan had signed a 3 year, $4.6 million dollar contract, and he was beyond excited to be in a new environment and around new teammates. None of the guys were back yet, so besides knowing James, the only other guys he met were Max, Dupuis & Kunitz, since those were the guys who stuck back at their houses here.

My parents were flying into Pittsburgh today; my sister and her family would be driving up tomorrow.  I had the day off so I was with James at his house before we left for the airport.  I gave him the option to meet up with us later, but he wanted to come with me to pick them up.  I was excited to see my parents, after going from seeing them everyday to not seeing them in almost 2 months was weird.  They were happy to meet James and thought that he was perfect for me.  They settled into the Sheraton hotel at Station Square, where the rest of our family would be joining them tomorrow.  We went to a Pirates game on Forth of July night. 

August was nearing, James wanted to take a trip back home to see his family, and invited me along, so I had to call my mom to send me my passport, and arranged with Joey to get the days off.  This would be my first trip to Canada and I was pretty excited.

“Hey babe, you ready?” James asks as I answer the phone
“Yeah, just have to throw a few things in my suitcase,” I respond
“Ok, I’m outside your apartment,”
“Ok,” I say going to the door

“Hi!” I say, excitedly
“Hey,” he says, giving me a kiss, “We ready?”
“Yep, let’s go!”

Soon after we got to the airport, it was already time to board.  After a short plane ride we had landed at the airport in Oshawa, Ontario.  We grabbed our suitcases and were met on the other side of security by James’ brother, Mike, who could almost pass for his twin. 

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