Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chapter 11

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"Hey bro! How’s it going?” Mike asks as we walk up to him
“Hey man! Good! Holding down the fort out here?” James asks
“Absolutely, so your girlfriend really does exist?”
“Yeah, she does. This is my girlfriend, Jamie, or Jay. Jay, this is my brother, Mike,”
“Nice to meet you!” he says, giving me a hug
“You too! I’ve heard a lot about you,”
“Yeah, haven’t we all? Well, let’s get going, mom and dad are waiting anxiously,”

“Hey guys!” James says as we walk into his house
“Oh hi honey!” Sharon [idk what his parents names are, so if anyone knows, feel free to correct me!] says, getting up from the table
“How’s it going?”
“Great! This must be your girlfriend,” she says looking at me
“Yeah, this is my girlfriend, Jamie. This is my mom Sharon, and that’s my dad Dave,”
“Hi, it’s nice to finally meet you!” I say
“You too! You’re exactly how he described you, and you’re a very beautiful girl!”
“Oh thank you!”

James’ parents were so sweet, I was glad to be in a family environment again, especially with always being away from my parents.  We spent a lot of time together.  James and I even took a few day trips up to Ottawa, and over to Thunder Bay, so I got to see where the Staal boys are from, and also Patrick Sharp and Taylor Pyatt.  Our trip was so fun but it went by too fast, and before we knew it, it was time to go home.

To bring in the month of September, Mario had an end of the summer pool party at his house for the guys, which was really nice of him. Then a few nights after that, it was the team dinner at the Omni Penn, with all the players and their significant others or families.  Logan had settled into a 3-bedroom condo in the same complex as me, and he was getting used to being here and was starting to fall in love with it. 

James, Max and some of the other guys planned to end the summer with a bang, by getting front row seats to Kenny Chesney’s concert at Heinz field, I think there was about 15 of us there, and we took over the entire first two rows.  Along on his tour, he brought Luke Bryan, Easton Corbin, and Steel Magnolia.  It was one of the best concerts I had ever been to.

Preseason flew by, the boys finished with a perfect 5-1 record, with the only loss being to the defending champion Bruins.  The home opener was 2 days away and then the boys would be leaving for a 4 game road trip, split between Canada and California. 

Kelsey, TK’s girlfriend, and I were heading out to the Ross Park mall to do some shopping.  The guys were finishing up at practice, and we all made plans to have dinner at Logan’s, then go to Diesel.  We’re walking around when my phone rings

“Hey Logan!” I say after answering
“Hey Jay, so umm, I kind of need your help,” Logan says
“Ok, what’s up,”
“My crazy ex showed up at the arena today,”
“The one you were telling me about a few weeks ago?”
“Ashley? Yeah, that’s her. I guess she went out to San Jose thinking I was still there, but Seto had to open his big mouth and told her I got traded out here,”
“So she’s pretty much following you around the country?”
“Basically, and I told you what happened when I ended things with her back home, but she won’t leave me alone. She’s the biggest puck slut I know!”
“Ok, so I’m confused as to where you need my help?”
“Well, I know you’re with Nealer, obviously, but maybe you have some girl friends that could help out too?”
“You mean to scare her away? When do you think we would even see her?”
“Oh, you’d be surprised. Apparently she has a friend out here that knows we go to Diesel and stuff, so there’s a good chance she could be there tonight,”
“Shit! Ok, I’ll think of something then I will call you ok,”
“Sweet thanks Jay!”

So after updating Kelsey on what’s going on, I call Allie to invite her and Mel out with us tonight, I know they would love to help get rid of a puck slut hanging around our boys.  And it was an added incentive for Allie to come, because Beau Bennett is coming, and she loves him.  I call Logan back to tell him that Allie & Mel are coming.

“Hey girls!” I say, opening the door to Allie and Mel
“Hey!” They respond, walking in
“This is Kelsey, TK’s girlfriend, this is Allie and Mel, and you know Miranda,”
“Nice to meet you Kelsey!”
“You girls too! You ready to get crazy tonight?” Kelsey asks
“Definitely! Are we pregaming here or what?” Allie asks
“We’re going up to Logan’s for dinner, then we’re going to walk to Diesel, so if ya’ll drink too much, your more then welcome to crash here,” I tell them
“Ok, sweet thanks!” Mel adds
“BUT Ms. Allison, if you want Beau, you might not want to get completely trashed,”
“True, I should probably behave,” She says with a smile,

After dinner and drinks at Logan’s, we’re making our way down to Diesel.  Allie and Beau were getting along great and it seemed that Mel and Logan were in deep conversation about something.

“Are you playing matchmaker again?” James asks, taking my hand in his
“Maybe, Allie has had the biggest crush on Beau!”
“I can see that! I’ve never seen BB act like that, what about LC and Mel?”
“That’s their own doing, I had no part in that, but Logan informed me on his crazy ex, so what’s going on with them could be good,” I say as James shakes his head
“This is going to be an interesting night,” He says

And what an interesting night it was.  Turned out that Ashley, Logan’s ex was there, with one of her friends that were dressed nearly as skanky as she was.  Thankfully we were upstairs in VIP, that didn’t stop her from trying to get up here, but the bouncers at the bottom wouldn’t have it. She and her friend sat at the bar for a while, pouting that they couldn’t get upstairs, she was even texting Logan non stop, she finally gave up…but she gave up on him and attempted to move on to someone else; that someone else happened to be my boyfriend, and I wasn’t having it, especially with 3 shots of tequila in me.

“Code red, Jay, code red!” Logan yells at me as I’m talking to Kelsey and Vero
“What?” I ask, walking over to him, leaning over the balcony
“Slut is moving in on Nealer,” he says, as I follow his eyes to where James is getting drinks
“Not under my watch,” I say, watching her get closer and closer to him
“Push her away, babe,” I’m telling him under my breath.

But he doesn’t, and she gets closer. Not a second later, her mouth is on his. Then he pushes her away, and looks up at the VIP, where his eyes meet mine…and that’s when I start walking away.

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