Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chapter 13**edited 9/5!**

The past few months flew by and it was already December.  Winter in the Burgh was my favorite for sure, I had quickly adjusted to the freezing temperatures and all the snow, and so I’ve grown to love it. 

“Hey babe,” James says as him, Jordan and Max sit at the bar top at work.
“Hi!” I say to him and then the boys
“So, we have a surprise for you 2,” Max tells me and Miranda
“Round 2 in Vegas?” Miranda asks
“Close…but no,” Jordan says
“Our last road trip before Christmas is to California,” James says
“And we want you girls to come with us,”
“Really?” I say
“Yeah, we figured we shouldn’t rub it in your face that were getting out of the cold weather, so were bringing you with us,”
“That sounds awesome!” Miranda says
“And don’t worry, it’s been discussed with Joey,”
“Wow, you sure are getting in good with him,”
“So when do we leave?”
“Next Tuesday.  Pack your bathing suits too, if we behave, we’ll get some beach time,” Jordan says, happily
“Is your lady friend coming Jordie?” I ask him
“Heather? No, she's in T-Bay,”
“Ya know, I'm beginning to think she doesn't exist!" I say, joking
"Whatever, she does!"
"Then we look forward to meeting her, sometime in the near future,"
“So did you get us a room too or what’s the plan?” Miranda asks
“Yeah, V and Kels are going out too so you can all room together,” Max says
“And there’s room on the team plane to fly out with us” James adds
“Sweet! This is gonna be amazing!”

Tuesday is here before we know it.  I had packed the night before and stayed with James at his house. 

“Good morning gentlemen…um and ladies,” Coach says as we get situated in the bus to go to the airport,
“Since we had our morning skate, once we land it will be all about relaxing.  We’ll check into the hotel around 2, then your free to do whatever you want until dinner at 6:30 which will probably be somewhere near the hotel. Then it’s lights out at 10. Got it?”
“Yes sir,” the boys respond
“Ladies, you have a room at each stop already?” Dan asks us
“A room? Oh I thought we could share with the boys?” V asks sarcastically
“Very funny V,” He says laughing
“Yes Dan, the 4 of us are sharing rooms at all the stops,” Kels says
“Thank god I don’t have daughters,” he replies still laughing
“Yeah, then we’d all be worried for you,” I say joking back

Our first stop was Anaheim. The hotel we were staying at was way nice, the girls and I had the best view from the balcony.  After we checked in and dropped off luggage, we went walking around the city and mainly enjoyed the dramatic change in weather.  While the guys got bored after a while, the girls and I did what we knew best…shopping.

The boys beat the Ducks then lost to the Kings. Dan held practice before the game against the Sharks while the girls and I went shopping.  I found the most gorgeous Chanel necklace that I fell in love with, so I took a picture of it to send to my mom, and sent it to James on accident…oops.

We beat the Sharks in Logan’s first game against his former team, the fans were still welcoming of him, which was nice, especially since he started his career there. 

Back in Pitt and back to reality.  James family came down for Christmas, they stayed at the hotel at Station Square, because with all 6 of them, James’ house was super crowded.

Christmas with the Neal’s was a great one.  He had been really good at being sneaky, and got me the Chanel necklace that I was looking at in San Jose…I was shocked that he went back to get it, and even more shocked that he kept it a secret. 

It was New Year’s Eve and Mario was throwing his annual party for the team and their families.  Me, Kelsi, Vero and Miranda all went to get our hair and make-up done before going our separate ways before going to Mario's tonight.  I had brought stuff with me to stay at James' house again, which was becoming more frequent.  James and I were talking while we finished getting ready.  We had a glass of wine before heading out when I noticed that James was kind of shaky and a little nervous.

"Babe, are you ok?" I ask him

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