Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chapter 12

***New post! Haha a lot sooner then I thought...hope yall still stick around and keep reading! Im almost positive that this one wont be as long as my Chicago story...but we'll see! :)

“Hey skank, why don’t you find your own man?” I ask, getting between her and James
“Um, no I like this one,” She says like the dumb blonde she is
“Um, THIS ONE, has a name, and he also has a girlfriend,”
“Too bad for her, huh?” she states, trying to act all tough
“No, too bad for you,” I say getting closer to her “Logan doesn’t want you, and guess what, neither does he,” as I point to James
“So, why don’t you do us all a favor and go back to where you belong,” Logan adds, jumping in
“But baby!” She squeals
“Don’t baby me, you gold digging whore, I don’t want you back. EVER.”
“He can find someone who wants him for who he is, not his money OR his last name,” I yell as she gives me dirty looks
“Are you going to let her talk to me like that??” She cries to Logan
“Yes, actually I am. Leave Ashley! I don’t want to see you ever again,”

The bouncers escort the girls out; I’m not even caring at this point, because I was too busy being mad at James for not pushing her away.  So I take more shots.  Sid and Max come up to me to tell me that James drinking so much because he knows I’m mad at him.  They drag him out of the bathroom and back upstairs, but he just sits on the couch

“Jay, he’s a mess,” Max tells me
“Oh, and I’m not? I had to watch that skank shove her tongue down my boyfriend’s throat! God only knows where it’s been,”
“I know, he’s upset because he messed up,”
“He’s also drunk,” I say wiping away tears
“And so are you, people make stupid mistakes when they are drunk,”

I didn’t want to admit it…but Max did have a point, just don’t tell him I said that, his ego is already big enough.

“I knew there was a reason to keep you around,” I say, half smiling
“Because my good looks and charm?” He says with his signature smile
“Because even though you’re such a womanizer, you still know how to help friends out,” I say, looking back at James
“Well I love you both, and I’m just looking out for you guys. Nealer really likes you, and I haven’t seen him this happy in a long time, give him another chance,”
“You know what, not giving him another chance didn’t even cross my mind, I’d regret it if I didn’t, he means so much to me,”
“That’s my girl!” He says, grabbing drinks from Jordan

“Where we going?” James asks as Jordan and Max help him out of the club
“We’re going home,” Max says
“I don’t want to go home with you Max!”
“Your not, your staying at Jay’s tonight,”
“But Jay hates me! Hey wait, where is Jay?” He says stopping, “Jay!!” he yells
“What James? I’m right here,” I say, walking next to Sid
“Do you hate me?” he asks
“But some slut kissed me,”
“I know, I took care of her. I’ll deal with you in the morning,” I say as we keep walking
“Jay, do you want me to take him home?” Sid asks
“No, I have to deal with him eventually, but thanks,” I say, glad to have Sid looking after all of us. Any girl would be lucky to have this guy.
“Your good for him, Jay. Any other girl woulda kicked him to the curb,” he tells me
“Thanks Sid,”
“No problem, call me if you need anything,” he says as he gives me a kiss on the cheek and gets in his car to head home.

Jordan and Max get James upstairs with just enough time for him to run to the bathroom to throw up.

“Dan is going to kill him at practice!” I say sitting on my bed
“Practice is optional tomorrow, I have a feeling he’ll skip out on it,” Jordan says
“Good thing then. Shit, did ya’ll see Allie or Mel?” I ask, worried
“Yeah they left with Beau and LC,”
“Oh ok good, I feel horrible leaving them,”
“They saw what happened, I think they will understand,”
“Do you need anymore help?” Max asks
“I don’t think so, I’ll just leave him in here and get rid of all the alcohol, he can come to bed when he decides to stop getting sick,”
“Ok, well call either one of us if you need anything, got it?” Jordan says
“Will do. Good to have you guys around,”
“Absolutely, your family now too, and we always look after the girls especially. Sleep good ok,” Max says
“I will, let me know when ya’ll get home ok?”
“Shit! Sid left…that bastard,” Jordan says, defeated
“You can stay here, that couch is so comfortable,” I tell him

The next morning, Jordan wakes up first and decides to go to practice, since he’s not hungover, and little mister Staal wants to be a little kiss ass today.  James and I worked out our rough patch.  In all honesty, I did see him push her away but I was staying mad because I knew she was out to get one of the boys on the team.  Since getting sick, he had brushed his teeth a million times, so I figured by that time it was ok to kiss him again.  Fighting is always the worst, but in a way I think it makes us stronger.

Tonight was the season opener and we were all beyond excited to be back in the hockey environment (since preseason technically doesn’t count).  Between Vero, Kelsey, they had taken over the first row of glass seats, which gave them 4 open tickets to give to the other girls and I.  So tonight, we decided to wear our men’s jerseys to let EVERYONE know that they are off limits J and to support them of course.

After a strong home opening win against the Canucks, road trip #1 was underway.  The girls and I had met up at the arena to say bye to the guys then decided to do lunch and plan game nights while they were gone.  I was glad to have this close-knit group of girlfriends, especially since we are all in the same boat, and with Kels and Vero being around for so long, they help us new girlfriends adjust.

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