Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chapter 22

 **Hey yall! Here's a shorter update that I thought I'd post! Wasnt really sure how to break this one another full chapter will be up soon! :)

Before we knew it, we were leaving for New Mexico; it was going to be a loooooong road trip. Miranda and Max skipped out on Vegas as well, so they came with us too. 

After a 3-day drive, we arrived in Albuquerque and it was good to be back.  Getting in with a little over a week before the wedding made things way less stressful, I was able to get a final dress fitting in and Miranda picked up her dress, Kelsey’s and Vero’s too.

We had done a few other changes too, the girls and I had found really cute yellow heels for them to wear, and my heels are the same blue as their dresses. We got the cake from my favorite bakery, and after the boys won the cup, I decided to surprise James with a groom’s cake in the shape of the Stanley cup. He’s going to die when he sees it!

Our combined bachelor/bachelorette parties are tomorrow, so the rest of the group from Pittsburgh would be getting in today.  Everyone had gotten situated into their rooms at the casino where the reception was going to be, except for James and I, we were staying at my parents house until the night before the wedding, when James would join the guys at the hotel and the girls would all crash at my parents house.

The girls and I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, while the guys opted for Twin Peaks…and I have TK to thank for that one, I don’t know how he figured that one out. Great.   

The night of dancing was about to commence.  We got into Dirty Bourbon at the same time as the guys and went straight to the dance floor.  To know that James had learned how to two-step from his days in Dallas made me a happy fianc√©, not to mention Kelsey and I dragging them out to the country bar back home.

We all had such an amazing time, I was glad that James and I could agree on doing the bachelor/bachelorette parties together, because it just made it that much more fun. 

Wedding weekend was finally here! I couldn’t believe how fast time just flew by.  On Friday morning, all the girls and I, along with my mom & sisters, went to the nail salon for our manicures & pedicures.  I debated on giving the girls their bridal party presents, but I decided to do that later in the night at the rehearsal dinner.

We grabbed a quick lunch then headed back to my parent’s house to meet up with the guys, who went to play golf with my dad while the girls got pampered. The rest of the day was pretty relaxed until it was time to head to the church for rehearsal.

From what I had heard from the people surrounding me, I was doing good at not being a crazy bridezilla…well for those who weren’t at the church for the rehearsal, can keep thinking that.

At some point when I was having the bridal party line up, Bailey was putting herself behind Ashley, the MOH, when she was after Kelsey. We decided WAY in advance that, after me, it would go tallest to shortest; it worked great for the girls and even worked out pretty well for the guys. So clearly it was Ashley, Vero, Miranda, Kelsey & Bailey. And she wasn’t having it.

“You’ve known me way longer then all of these girls, and I’m walking LAST?” she says

REALLY! Shits about to hit the fan.

“First of all, that’s a lie, I’ve known Ashley the longest. Secondly, James & I decided forever ago how we were going to place everybody & you just happened to be last,” I say, trying not to snap
“But you’ve still known me longer then these girls, I’m supposed to be your best friend,”
“I know that, but these girls are my best friends too, and all of you, I treat equally, like family, not by who I’ve known longer. You’re walking with Sidney, that’s where he is…& he’s not complaining!”
“Well I just think this is…”
“You think it’s what? This is MY wedding! You already had your turn, now it’s mine. So guess what? You can walk with Sidney, in that spot with him. OR you can exclude yourself from the wedding party. It’s as simple as that.”

Bailey doesn’t even say anything; she just turns around and walks out. Something I knew she would do. Her loss, not mine.

So I do my best to not have a nervous break down while James comes to comfort me, and we continue on with the rehearsal.

“Ok, well lets arrange it so Sid walks in solo, sorry Sid,” I say apologetically to him
“It’s ok, really. You did good standing you’re ground,” Sid says with a smile. That is why I love that man.
“Thanks. So he’ll walk in, then when y’all start to walk out, you come over on the other side of Kelsey and she’ll walk with both of y’all,”
“Whoop, Kelsey’s a PIMP,” Miranda yells
“What, what!” Kelsey says with a little victory dance

“Ok, lets run it through that way, yeah?” James says

We run through it all 3 times, then a 4th for good measure. Everything looks perfect & suddenly, I like the fact that Sidney is walking down with Kelsey and Tyler. It just looked good and Sid didn’t mind, because he’s just that kind of guy. 

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